The 112 Iceland emergency app

It sends a signal with your coordinates to Iceland’s search and fire rescue. Simply download the app, fill in your name and an emergency contact, and save. You can even periodically check in through the app to create a trail of breadcrumbs just on case something does go wrong.

Get the 112 Iceland App for Android and for iPhone.

Icelandic Traffic signs app

Icelandic Traffic Signs App

Icelandic Traffic Signs is a handy app for tourists driving in Iceland to check traffic signs in Iceland. Some Icelandic traffic signs are unique but the app can work off-line so for example, if you see one of them at a mountain road in the highlands, you can check it with the app without 2G/3G connections. Available in English and Japanese.

Get the Icelandic Traffic Sign App for Android

The Icelandic weather app

Weather forecasts and the current weather condition can be checked through a weather app provided by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. Location is automatically detected if GPS on; otherwise a favorite weather station can be chosen for the home screen. Notifications can be enabled.

Get the Icelandic Weather App for Android or iPhone.